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“Texas is not a 'Red State'; it's a non-voting state."  Motivating voters to come to the polls is the key.
This is the message from Mike Collier, the 2014 Texas Democratic candidate for state comptroller, speaking to Democrats from five Hill Country counties at a gathering hosted by the Gillespie County Democratic Association and the Gillespie County Democratic Party.                                                                               

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It's good to be a Democrat!!!!

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Hey, Democrats- Help!!

                The field is wide open for Democrats in Gillespie County. There is SO MUCH to do that the difficult question is deciding where to start.

                Thank you to everyone who has either attended a Blue Monday at my home, donated to the Gillespie County Democrats or expressed support for this effort to start a grassroots base that will complement the existing Gillespie County Democratic Association.

       Many of our Blue Monday women are interested in recycling efforts at the local level. At our last meeting we decided to  fund the printing of reusable grocery/shopping bags and those are now available. We are also exploring several glass recycling avenues along with Fredericksburg SHINES and talking about how our group could encourage the city in a movement toward curbside recycling.


Are you interested in working with our recycling efforts? If so, please return the email with your response and I will contact you about our next step.


Please let me hear from you! I am anxious to receive any ideas you might have about growing Democrats in Gillespie County.


Cathy Collier

Gillespie County Democratic Chairman

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On the lighter side, please enjoy the satire from The Borowitz Report. Once you access the page, scroll down to view the pieces offered.

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The Gillespie County Democratic Association has a monthly meeting the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the Fredericksburg EMS building at 221 Friendship Lane. You are always welcome to attend.  Our agenda at these meetings varies and will be published here on the website each month.  Each meeting is followed by a social hour with refreshments and fellowship.  We also collect food items for the local Food Pantry.  Please plan to join us.

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Keeping up with the political atmosphere is a challenge. This website is a great way to educate local Democrats on the key issues of interest to the community.

The pages on this website are to help you be a part of the Democratic community here in Gillespie County.  If you look to the left on this home page, you will see a list of the content pages. Each page focuses on different topics of interest or ways to communicate with Democrats.

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Our Mission

1.  To revive and stimulate interest in the Democratic Party at the grass-roots level across Gillespie County in order to maximize the voter potential of Democrats.

2.  To attract new members to the Democratic Party.

3.  To serve as a device to train, inform and keep active Gillespie County Democrats.

4.  To encourage and, when possible, train individuals to become qualified to seek positions in the County Democratic Party.

5.  To encourage participation in all election precincts in Gillespie County.  To recruit Democrats to work and make Gillespie County Democratic efforts as effective as possible.

This organization will actively support by appropriate means the nominees of the Democratic Party in national, state and local elections;  it shall endeavor to maintain permanent contact with voters throughout the area and shall function continuously in order that it may contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party.

For more information, call Democratic Club President Jerry Vaclav at (830) 992-0411 or email

Association Officers

President:  Jerry Vaclav
V. Pres.: Charlotte Freeborn
Secretary:  Terry Collier
Treasurer:  Janice Courtney

Gillespie County, Texas Democrat Contacts:

Party County Chair:
Cathy Collier

Club President:
Jerry Vaclav

Precinct Chairpersons:
Pct. 1      Jerry Vaclav
Pct. 2      Bill McBride
Pct. 4      Terry Collier
Pct. 7      Frank Beal
Pct. 10    Carol Wichman
Pct. 15    George Keller

E-Mail 7
You can email us at

One of the best reasons to contact us is to join the Gillespie County Democratic Association.  Dues are $10.00 a year per person.   A family can join for $15.00 a year.
We want to know what you think about our website and what we are trying to accomplish. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or would like to get involved. Just click on the e-mail link above.

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Webmaster: Gillespie County Democrats
709 Northern Red Oak Lane
Fredericksburg, TX 78524

Visit us on Facebook at:

Gillespie County Democratic Association

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