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See the Fall Calendar below for

dates and deadlines!





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Breaking news: the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express News, and the Austin American Statesman all endorse Wendy Davis for Governor.

Click on this link to read the Houston Chronicle endorsement.

"Davis better pick to be governor."

Click on the following link to read the San Antonio Express News endorsement of Wendy Davis for governor: 

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Anyone interested in obtaining a Wendy Davis yard sign can contact the Dem. County Chair at (830) 997-4837 or the Precinct 2 Chair at (830) 998-0928  or the Precinct 1 Chair at (830) 992-0411.

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News & Commentary:  Paul Krugman's Rolling Stone analysis of Barack Obama's Presidency. 

Texas News:  Newspaper endorsements of Letitia Van de Putte's, Mike Collier's and Sam Houston's candidacies.

See Voter guide comparison below: 


Keep up with our club by visiting our Club News page.

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The Fall Calendar!


October / November: 

♦  Monday, October 13:  Blue Monday women's gathering.

  530pm. 308 Cora Street.


♦  Wednesday, October 15: GCDA monthly meeting.

♦  Monday, October 20:  Early voting begins.

♦  Friday, October 24: Last day for ballot by mail application to be received by County Clerk's office.

♦  Friday, October 31:  Last day for early voting.

♦  Tuesday, November 4: General Election Day* and last day for vote by mail ballots to be received by county clerk.

♦  Wednesday, November 19: GCDA monthly meeting.

*If you did not vote by mail or early vote at the courthouse, click on this link for precinct polling locations:



Membership dues can be paid at our upcoming meeting.

  • Individual membership is $10.00 and a family membership is $15.00.
  • If you are unable to attend this month's meeting, please mail your payment to the Gillespie County Democratic Association, 709 Northern Red Oak Lane, Fredericksburg, TX 78624.
  • Please make your check payable to the Gillespie County Democratic Association.

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2014 Voter Guide Candidates for Governor in Texas

 For questions about this guide or the AAUW Action Fund, please call 202.785.7793 or visit


Wendy Davis (D)

Where the candidates stand on

Greg Abbott (R)


Using tax dollars to fund private or religious schools



Ensuring women’s access to contraception without co-pay or

cost-sharing, no matter where they work or go to school



Requiring employers to provide earned,

paid sick days to all employees



Improving existing civil rights laws aimed at closing the wage gap between men and women



Maintaining the current minimum wage

with no annual adjustments for inflation



Upholding existing bans or instituting new ones

to prevent recognition of same-sex marriages



Adopting college-readiness standards for K-12 education in English and mathematics and providing the necessary support

and funding for implementation of the standards



Increasing state funding for higher education


"Texas has the largest percentage of people in the nation without health insurance and children make up a large segment of that population. There’s no mistaking the message coming out of this Legislature: Once you’re born, you’re on your own." Well said, Austin American Statesman editorial board.

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Featured Commentaries:
Please check out our new Texas News link. It features articles and commentaries about Texas news, pols, and personalities.

Click on this News and Commentary link to read articles of current interest.

On the lighter side, please enjoy the satire from The Borowitz Report. Once you access the page, scroll down to view the pieces offered.

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The Gillespie County Democratic Association has a monthly meeting the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 at the Fredericksburg EMS building at 221 Friendship Lane. You are always welcome to attend.  Our agenda at these meetings varies and will be published here on the website each month.  Each meeting is followed by a social hour with refreshments and fellowship.  We also collect food items for the local Food Pantry.  Please plan to join us.

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Keeping up with the political atmosphere is a challenge. This website is a great way to educate local Democrats on the key issues of interest to the community.

The pages on this website are to help you be a part of the Democratic community here in Gillespie County.  If you look to the left on this home page, you will see a list of the content pages. Each page focuses on different topics of interest or ways to communicate with Democrats.

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Our Mission

1.  To revive and stimulate interest in the Democratic Party at the grass-roots level across Gillespie County in order to maximize the voter potential of Democrats.

2.  To attract new members to the Democratic Party.

3.  To serve as a device to train, inform and keep active Gillespie County Democrats.

4.  To encourage and, when possible, train individuals to become qualified to seek positions in the County Democratic Party.

5.  To encourage participation in all election precincts in Gillespie County.  To recruit Democrats to work and make Gillespie County Democratic efforts as effective as possible.

This organization will actively support by appropriate means the nominees of the Democratic Party in national, state and local elections;  it shall endeavor to maintain permanent contact with voters throughout the area and shall function continuously in order that it may contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party.

For more information, call Democratic Club President Jerry Vaclav at (830) 992-0411 or email

Association Officers

President:  Jerry Vaclav
Vice Pres.: Diane Weidner
Secretary:  Tim Sheppard
Treasurer:  Frank Beal

Gillespie County, Texas Democrat Contacts:

Party County Chair:
Cathy Collier

Club President:
Jerry Vaclav

Precinct Chairpersons:
Pct. 1      Jerry Vaclav
Pct. 2      Bill McBride
Pct. 4      Terry Collier
Pct. 7      Frank Beal
Pct. 10    Carol Wichman
Pct. 15    George Keller

E-Mail 7
You can email us at

One of the best reasons to contact us is to join the Gillespie County Democratic Association.  Dues are $10.00 a year per person.   A family can join for $15.00 a year.
We want to know what you think about our website and what we are trying to accomplish. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or would like to get involved. Just click on the e-mail link above.

Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Webmaster: Gillespie County Democrats
709 Northern Red Oak Lane
Fredericksburg, TX 78524

Phone: 830-998-0928

Visit us on Facebook at:

Gillespie County Democratic Association

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